New trend Concepts – Italian Designer Sofas & Suites

Delivered today (Sat 29th June) a full container load of top-quality Italian leather sofas and suites. These have come direct from New trend Concepts in Italy (one of our suppliers). We’re only a handful of retailers in the UK to have a built-up a direct relationship with New Trend Concepts, meaning not many people can say that they’ve got a top-quality leather suite from one of best brands in Italy.

In the posh designer furniture stores your looking at upwards on £4000 for a New Trend Concepts leather suite. We’re selling them around £1800.. That’s a huge saving, certainly not something to be sniffed at. Have a look on their website to get an idea of the workmanship and quality. , the pictures below are of our lads unloading the lorry ready for you to browse and purchase. We can even deliver the same-day or following day.