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Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Save yourself the hassle of trying to clean your sofa and cushions. Have it done professionally by expert upholstery cleaners with industrial grade equipment!

Have you attempted to clean your sofas and chairs previously? Can you recollect how awkward and fidgety it was taking off and replacing the cushions and seat cushions? A pain in the backside wasn't it?

Why don't you this time around have it done professionally? We provide an expert cleaning and revamping service of your sofas and chairs (and footstools). Our time-served upholsterers also repair sofas and chairs.

Sofas cleaning
upholstery cleaning

How it works - Uphostery and sofa cleaners

How it works – telephone us to arrange to book in the cleaning session. We will arrange a convenient time slot for our delivery driver and driver's mate to come and collect your suite (sofas and chairs) for cleaning.

When it arrives at out sofa warehouse, one of our upholsters will unpick the bottom covering to remove any junk that often accumulates within sofas and chair, old newspapers, bits of food, small toys, etc. Whilst the bottom covering is loosened the upholsterer will inspect the framework/springs for cracks, etc. If any repairs are required, we can repair if required.

Once that stage of the process is out of the way, the furniture is then passed along to one of our upholstery cleaners (we have 2 in-house professionally trained upholstery cleaners). They will conduct a very thorough clean of all the sofas and chair. Expertly clean the cushions, seats, down the sides, etc/ All thoroughly cleaned with industrial grade scented cleanser fluids.

Then it takes it roughly 24-48 hours for the furniture to completely dry out. Once they've dried out, we will telephone to arrange a time to come drop the furniture back to your home or workplace.

Please let us know if you if would like to loan a sofa whilst you are having your sofa cleaned. There is no additional charge for loaning a basic sofa. The typical cost of having your suite cleaned is around £120 - £150 and it takes roughly 2-4 day from collection to returning to your home. If any repairs are required one of our upholsterers will phone to with the details. Very minor repairs we've include in the cost. However, please be aware if any major repair work (if required) such as broken framework, etc, we will quote you a price for the repairs. It shouldn't be too expensive.