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Static Caravan Sofas & Upholstery

We have a wide varied selection of sofas, chairs & corner sofas to fit in smaller spaces such as static caravans and holiday lets. We provide delivery throughout the North including the Lake District, North Wales and popular caravan parks.

Sofas for Caravans

Static Caravan Sofas

Buying a new sofa for your static caravan shouldn't be a hassle. Here at Alec's, we stock and sell a wide varied range of sofas for static caravans. Typical static caravan sizes of 12ft x 40ft can quite easily accommodate sofas that you find in typical living rooms up and down the UK.

We stock as sell all types, sizes, colours and patterns of sofas perfect for a caravan. Whether you prefer leather over fabric. We are confident we have a good range to satisfy your style needs. We will happily deliver to caravan parks and holiday lets' in Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, North Wales, Cumbria and all of the Lake District.

Cheaper than Custom-made Caravan Upholstery

Did you know it's actually cheaper buying freestanding traditional sofas for your static caravan whereas having custom made sofas/upholstery will almost certainly cost you thousands of pounds?

If the existing upholstery in your caravan is looking dated and tatty. Having it replaced or refurbished by dedicated specialists could be a costly exercise. It might be more cost effective to take them out and replace with traditional/contemporary sofas and chairs set. We recommend weighing up the pros and cons before committing to this approach.

Corner Sofas for Caravans

A typical static caravan size of 12ft x 40ft should easy be able to fit in a corner sofa if that's what you are looking for. Even a 10ft wide caravan should accommodate a freestanding corner sofa. Speak with Alec who has years of experience and the ideal skill set to advise on the right size corner sofa for your static caravan. Alec has a static caravan himself up in the Lakes.

Convenience with Alec's Selection

At Alec's, we understand that personalising your static caravan should be a comfortable and straightforward process. That's why our range of sofas encompasses every potential preference. From sleek, modern designs for those who fancy a contemporary edge to cosy, classic sofas for those who love a traditional look, our collection promises to cater to all tastes.

We appreciate the importance of uniqueness. Therefore, our range spans a spectrum of colours, materials, and patterns. Whether you're partial to a bold, statement leather piece or a subdued, fabric one, we are confident we have just what you're looking for. Our dedication to ensuring a perfect fit for your static caravan guarantees that our choices will meet your design aspirations.

Accessible Delivery Options

We take pride in our service, and that includes our convenient and comprehensive delivery system. Regardless of your static caravan's location—be it Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, North Wales, Cumbria, or anywhere in the beautiful Lake District—we will happily deliver right to your doorstep. We offer our services to caravan parks and holiday lets, taking the hassle out of your shopping experience.

Maximise Savings, Not Sacrifice Quality

Contrary to common belief, outfitting your static caravan with a plush, high-quality sofa doesn't need to break the bank. At Alec's, we challenge the notion that custom-made caravan upholstery is the only route to a stylish space.

If the upholstery in your caravan is looking a bit worse for wear, don't rush into an expensive refurbishment or replacement project. Instead, consider replacing your current set-up with a freestanding sofa or chair set from our range. It's not just an affordable alternative—it's a choice that offers you flexibility and style while keeping costs down.

However, it's crucial to consider your unique circumstances before making this decision. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons. In most cases, you'll find that our pre-made sofas offer a balance of style, comfort, and value that's hard to match. At Alec's, we're here to help make your static caravan as comfortable and stylish as your own home, without the hefty price tag.

Mattresses and Beds for Static Caravans

We also supply and sell mattresses in various sizes and quality that will fit in static caravans. We sell 2.6ft, 3ft, 4ft, 4,6ft and 5ft mattresses. We also sell complete sets with divan bases (if required). We can also remove and dispose of your old mattresses for you too. Get in touch for more information.