Having guests stay over? Let them sleep in comfort on a quality sofabed. We have lots of sofa beds in stock ready for you to browse, test and purchase. If you need one in a hurry we can deliver it the same day. We stock metal action fold-out sofabeds, corner sofabed and futons.

** Please note, sofas displayed on these pages may not be available in-store as our turnover is fast, they may have been sold.

Sofa Bed

The types we sell are the popular metal action fold-out sofabed, they're very well made, durable and should last for many years. In the last couple of years we've seen an increase in popularity in the corner sofabeds. They look the same as a standard corner sofa but have a fold out bed built-in. These are popular with young professionals in city centre appartments who like to host guests.

We also stock the futon foam beds, they're idea for the kids, although we wouldn't recommend them for adults. If you need some help and advice, give us a call our experienced friendly staff will be happy to help. Better still Pop over to Alec's 3 Piece Suites in Bolton to try them all out.

Our buying advice would be if you have a family sized house, then opt for a fold-out 2-seater sofabed. They are spacious enough to sleep to standard sized adults or a single larger person. You could probably sleep 3 kids too in comfort. We would also recommend that they are not used as a semi-permanent bed. Sofabeds are designed are occasionally usage, 1-2 weeks in succession would be fine anything longer than that you could start to see the framework start to warp. Again, they are designed for occasional usage and should be treated as such. Consider a bed if you were thinking longer term (such as a lodger or a sofa surfer) you will get better value for your money.

Sofabeds from our experience and customer feedback generally go hand in hand with a spare room or a second sitting room. They used as a sofa for light usage (not the main setting room sofa) and used as a sofabed a few times a year. If they well looked after there's no reason why you shouldn't get 10 years lifespan. Replacement sofabed mattresses are cheap enough to replace too, let us know via a phone call us or visit us should you need to replace the mattress, we'll get one ordered for you.

If you live in a flat or apartment block space is probably tight, if you like to host guests somewhere for them to sleep in comfort could be an issue. In the last few years we've seen a trend and seen increased sales in corner sofabed. These are designed with it being the main sitting room corner sofa in mind, and as such will be built stronger and more durable. The fold-out bed is still only designed for occasional usage but the corner sofa itself should last years if looked after.

For the kids a futon with a sleeping bag should be good enough to keep them warm and comfortable. They're lightweight and easy storable. They are great for the kids, but for adults they'll have an uncomfortable night's rest. We wouldn't recommend them for adults, you'll be wasting your money and probably have grumpy guests in the morning.