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Having guests stay over? Let them sleep in comfort on a quality sofabed. We have lots of sofabeds in stock ready for you to browse, test and purchase. If you need one in a hurry we can deliver it the same day. We stock metal action fold-out sofabeds, corner sofabed and futons.

folded out sofabed in fabric
folded out sofabed with mattress
folded out sofabed with back cushions
sofabed as a couch
folded out sofabed 1
folded out sofabed 2
 folded out sofabed 3
sofabed as a 2-seater sofa

Single and Double Sofabeds

  • Sofabeds for Sale at Unbeatable Prices

    Our sofa beds are a smart choice for anyone with a small flat or house. They work great in any room and save you a lot of space. You can use them as comfy sofas during the day and turn them into beds at night. This is really handy when you have guests staying over but don’t have an extra bedroom. Our sofa beds change from a sofa to a bed very quickly and easily, making them perfect for surprise visits from friends or family.

    We have many styles of sofa beds at Alecs, from sleek leather ones to softer fabric types. They look good in any room and match with all kinds of house decorations. Whether you have a modern look or something more traditional, you’ll find something that fits right in. Plus, they're built to last a long time and stay comfortable, with strong frames and supportive mattresses.

    Sofa Bed Settee

    Having a sofa bed is really useful when you need to make room for guests to sleep. It saves you from the trouble of trying to fit everyone in when you don’t have enough beds. Just pull out the bed from the sofa, and your guests will have a nice place to sleep. It’s as comfy as a regular bed, so they'll have a good night's sleep and feel rested in the morning.

    Also, our sofa beds are easy to use. You can change them from a sofa to a bed without any hard work. This is great when you’re tired and need to set up a bed quickly. If you buy a sofa bed from us today, we can deliver it the same day. Choose from a wide range of options including single and double sizes to suit your space and needs.

    The typical price of a well-built long-longing sofabed start from £599 - £1199. Beware cheap sofabeds break easily and do not last.

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