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Having guests stay over? Let them sleep in comfort on a quality sofabed. We have lots of sofa beds in stock ready for you to browse, test and purchase. If you need one in a hurry we can deliver it the same day. We stock metal action fold-out sofabeds, corner sofabed and futons.

** Please note, sofas displayed on these pages may not be available in-store as our turnover is fast, they may have been sold.

The extraordinary importance of sofa beds if you're living in a small space, but still want a bed to sleep in. We all know that when you live in a small cottage or apartment, there isn't much room to have a guest bedroom. If you have a guest over for the night but don't want them to sleep on the couch, the sofa bed is the best thing for a guest to sleep in. All you have to do is fold out the bed. Sleeping on a sofa bed is not only a comfortable way to rest, but it can also give you a lot of storage space in the meantime. Place the foot of the bed over two armchairs and use the armchairs as space for storage

A sofa bed also brings in many different benefits, such as when people when their house is full of people and there is no more room in their bedroom. This type of furniture can be pulled out in case of an emergency when you have to stay in the house with people who are not family members.

Sofasbeds (aka bed settees) are easily adaptable to various surroundings, they can be put in nearly any room of your house, and they provide convenience for guests. We stock and sell leather and fabric fold-out metal action sofabeds with same day delivery (if required).

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