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Sofa Payment Options & Financing

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If you are looking for flexible payment terms to finance your next sofa. We have rounded up the frequently asked questions that we get asked to buy sofas on credit with financing options and ways to pay.

In the near future we plan to extend the financing options for purchasing the sofas and suites that we sell. Read below for our current payment options.

Sofa purchasing options

  • Paying Cash – Lot's of our customer still prefer to pay cash, and that is not a problem. You can pay outright upfront or pay a deposit on the day you are purchasing and pay the remainder as cash on delivery. It's entirely up to you, we are flexible. Or you can pay a deposit on card and pay the balance in cash on delivery.

  • Pay on debit card – The most popular payment method that our customer prefer when buying sofas, is outright on their debit card. You can also pay a deposit and pay the remainder over the phone on delivery. Or pay a deposit and pay the remainder balance in-store or over the phone prior to delivery.

  • Low-cost unsecured loans – If your credit score is within a good standing limit, you may be able to take out an unsecured loan. Use can use the loan to purchase your next sofa. If you can secure a good interest rate then this could be a cost-effective solution for buying a new sofa or suite. Try Martin Lewis's website for advice.

  • Sofas with bad credit – unfortunately we will not be able to help you to secure sofa financing if you have a poor credit history. You could qualify for a loan with a specialist provider. However, is it worth damaging your credit score even further. Our advice is to give us a ring. We do sell good quality second-hand sofas.

  • Pay on a credit card – many credit card providers offer an interest-free period. Pay back the whole balance within the allotted time-period and pay 0% interest on your next sofa from us. Speak with your provider for terms and conditions.

  • Credit options are coming soon for orders over £2750, When buying instore speak with Alec (or team member). If you're buying over the phone, our team will explain your options. (we will update this page accordingly with updated info)

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