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Second Hand Sofas

Looking for a high-quality second-hand sofa on a budget? At Alec's, we offer a range of expertly cleaned and refurbished used sofas and suites. Perfect for families and landlords, our affordable selection ensures comfort without the high cost. Explore our stock and enjoy fast local delivery today!

folded out sofabed in fabric
folded out sofabed with mattress
folded out sofabed with back cushions

Second Hand Sofas

  • Great Value Second-Hand Sofas

    Are you in search of a second-hand sofa (also known as used sofas) and chairs set or a full suite but on a very tight budget? We can assist you! We stock second-hand and used sofas that undergo thorough cleaning and framework checks by our in-house upholstery team. We have dozens of second-hand sofas in stock, offering quality options for those on a budget.

  • Explore Our Second-Hand Range

    Come and explore our range of second-hand sofas and suites; we'll even deliver them for you once you've made a purchase. *January 2024 - please note we have no second-hand sofas or suites for sale at this moment in time. They are being immediately purchased by social housing landlords. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Second-hand sofas are a great option for those looking for quality furniture on a budget. Our professional upholstery and sofa cleaners expertly clean these sofas inside and out. Once refurbished, we put them up for sale as second-hand sofas and suites.

  • Affordable and Community Support

    We understand that times are tough for many families and that new expensive furniture is not an option. We try to do our bit for the community by keeping the prices as low as possible. You can even pay for the sofas in 2-3 installments if that makes life easier for you; once fully paid, we can deliver to your home. Speak to Alec; we're sure he will be accommodating.

  • Professionally Cleaned and Delivered

    All the second-hand sofas and suites we sell have been professionally cleaned inside and out by our trained upholstery cleaning technicians. Why choose us over Gumtree or eBay? Well, for starters, we have our own experienced delivery team, the suites are professionally cleaned, and we are local.

  • Ready for Delivery

    We acknowledge that we are in challenging times, and money is tight for many people and families. We want to do our bit and try to help out if we can. That's why we reserve a small selection of used refurbished sofas, couches, and chairs at prices we hope are reasonable for everyone. They are all in stock and ready for free local delivery in Bolton (small delivery charge outside Bolton area), Bury, and the Manchester area. Perfect for landlords, housing associations, sheltered housing, and the public.

  • Preloved and Refurbished Sofas

    Discover our selection of preloved & refurbished sofas. Each piece is thoroughly inspected and professionally cleaned by our skilled upholstery team. These sofas offer great value, combining the charm of gently used furniture with the assurance of quality refurbishment. Ideal for those seeking affordable comfort and style.

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