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Corner Sofas

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Corner Sofas - Here at Alec's, we stock and sell a vast range of corner sofas in all the popular styles and colours such as grey, black, and brown. Choose from leather or fabric in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our best-selling corner sofas are grey fabric in pillow back and scatter back cushions. All in-stock, no lengthy wait for delivery.

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Corner Sofas, Groups and Units

With our wide range of corner sofas comes in a wide choice of styles, colours and fabrics so there is something for every living room. We have L-shaped sofas available in a range of classic, trendy & modern designs. Corner couches in various leather type or fabric styles, or even mixed leather & fabric from the top brands and manufacturers.

We do not sell corner sofas online; we believe that our customers should try out the comfort and test the quality first. Imagine buying a sofa online without testing it, only to find it is not comfortable, then you have the hassle of trying to return it and getting a refund? No thank-you, we are a firm believer of try before you buy. Believe us it is the best way. Click on the accordian boxes below for more buying advice or telephone us on 01204 387987.

Left-hand Corner Sofas for sale – If you are looking for a left-hand facing corner sofa/group. Then we can certainly help you, we have dozens of left-hand in various sizes and colours. Including large grey fabric corner sofas and small leather grey corners. Plenty to choose from in our sofa warehouse.

If you're wondering how to work out the difference between a left or right hand corner sofa. You can tell the difference by the shortest section. If the shortest section is to your left when facing it, then that is a left-hand. If the shortest section is on your right when facing (looking straight at it), then it is a right-hand. Does that make sense? If not, telephone us for advice.

Recliner Corner Sofas – We do stock and sell corner sofas with a reclining seat on both ends. They are a popular option for families as they tend to be larger. Up to 8 people with a sectional corner. The large corner groups with recliners usually come packed with tech such as electric recliner seat-ends, USB charger ports and in sometimes include drink's coolers and Bluetooth speakers.

We are stockist of corner units and corner groups in larger sizes. Generally, up to 8 seats (8 person). Large corner groups are available in fabric with pillow or scatter back cushions. Or in leather, leather corner sofas tend to have fixed cushions, meaning that to are not removable. We sell all options.

If you are interested in buying a large corner sofa, visit our sofa warehouse in Bolton to test and try them all out. On this page above we display a small selection of the corner sofas we have for sale, there's many more in the warehouse.

If you have a growing family or simply have the space, we stock and sell a varied selection of large corner sofas. The larger corner sofas are generally sectional, meaning you can configure the corner group to accommodate your room shape and the number of bums on seats. Visit us to try out the large corner sofas – we have them in leather or fabric and manual or electric.

We do sell Corner Sofa Beds (and U-shaped Sofabeds). In fact, we have seen an increase in popularity for corner sofa beds and things like pouffe beds from our customers. Especially around the Christmas holiday period when families and friends have get-togethers.

Please note* we stock and sell corners sofa beds but many of them are on racks in our sofas showroom warehouse. Please ask a member of staff when to set it up and show you how they work when you arrive.

Right-hand Corner Sofas – If you have your heart set on a right-facing corner group. You've found the right place. We have plenty of right-hand corner sofas in fabric or leather. Popular colours such as grey and black with pillow back or scatter back cushions. We've dozens of corner sofas on racks too, just ask a member of staff to set it up for you if you like the style and would like to try out the comfort.

How to tell the difference between a right-facing and a left-facing corner sofa? Stand (or visualise) in front of the corner sofa so that you are facing it head-on. If the smaller section is to your right, it is a right-hand corner sofa. If the small section is on your left, it is a left-hand corner sofa.

It's not just sofas and suites that we sell. We've got a small selection of ex-display dining tables and chairs, tv cabinets, furniture, and beds for sale. We do not specialise in ex-display dining tables and furniture. They are purely one-offs.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our blog. As and when we do get in ex-display furniture we will be sure to let everyone know. Visit our blog:

With prices to suit all budgets – cheap corner groups starting from £500 upwards. Anything less, such as £200, £300, and £400 is going to be poor inferior quality and we would get comebacks within 6 months. If you can stretch to £500+ then we are confident we can match you with a quality long-lasting corner sofa.

Our corner sofa prices are much cheaper than the big chain stores such DFS, Sofology, SCS and Oak Furniture Land. In most cases we are around 40% cheaper than RRP. If you are expecting to buy a corner sofa for around £300 or £400 pounds. Sadly, we think you will be disappointed as the quality will be very poor and it will not last 6 months. In the end you will end paying more to replace it. Believe us, we've been in business for over 30 years and have seen it happen 100's of times.

If you are looking for a U-shaped sofa, then look no further. Visit us in Bolton, Manchester to view our selection of U-shaped sofas as we do sell them. It is worth noting that u-shaped corner sofas and generally larger than regular corner sofas. You can typically accommodate between 5-8 adults sitting on a u-shaped sofa. Some of them are sectional so that you can play around with the configuration to match your rooms seating plan.

We are the North's No#1 Corner Sofa Warehouse

If you have your heart set on a corner group. You've found the right place. We are the biggest independent Corner Sofa Warehouse in the North of England. Over 30,000 sq-ft bursting with sofa bargains and deals.

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We Sell Corner Sofabeds

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