Furniture Village Ex-display & Returns Sofas

We are stockists of ex Furniture Village sofas and Furniture. We sell Furniture Village ex-display, canceled orders and slight seconds. All sold in excellent as new condition. We're a sofa clearance warehouse based in North West England. Please note we are not affiliated with Furniture Village.


Furniture Village Clearance Sofas

We stock and sell many the popular Furniture Village (ex-display & returns). They're in stock too, no faffing around waiting 10 weeks for delivery. You can choose from immediate delivery or a day suitable for you.

Furniture Village and all the other big high street sofa retailers have quotas to fill. Longer it takes to fill that quota, the longer it will take for delivery. You see, they must order a minimum limit from the manufacturers. For example, minimum sofas order limit 1000 sofas. Depending on how long it takes them to sell 1000 sofas will depend how fast the delivery will be. Please note are no affiliated with Furniture Village, we sell returns, cancelled orders, slight seconds and ex-display.

** Please note, sofas displayed on these pages may not be available in-store as our turnover is fast, they may have been sold.