Warning - Internet Scammers

Don't get ripped off

See the images below? Well this sofa came in from one of our customers who had bought what they believed to be a real leather suite from a website for £499. Just look at the seat! That's what happened to the suite in 3 months. The customer was extremely upset, thankfully we sorted them out with a good quality real leather suite that will last years not 3 months.

Please be advised, that yes the images may look great on the internet but there's so many websites selling cheap Chinese import suites for £499 on the internet. But they are inferior quality and will NOT LAST long.

There is 3 different types of fake leather you should keep your eye out for!

1. Faux Leather
2. Bonded Leather
3. PU Leather

They may look great at first but be warned you will be lucky if they last 12 months before you need to replace them. At Alecs 3 Piece Suites you can come down and try out all our sofas and suites and gain some professional advice from people who know what they are talking about not internet scammers.

Cheap sofa

fake leather sofa

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So many have been ripped off, Don`t be scammed!

Remember the ground rules never change - If it seems to good to be true it normally is!!

Our business is from word of mouth and recommendations!!

See it, Sit on it, have it delivered the same day!