Why we don’t show prices on our website? Q & A

qaRecently we have been having a lot of calls, emails and Facebook comments asking why we don’t show prices on our website, this is a fantastic question which hopefully I can answer.

First and foremost, we do not sell online, it`s not worth the hassle with expectations not met. We want our customers to actually sit on the item of furniture to test it`s quality, comfort and size before they buy.

Stock changes very fast here at Alecs, we sell dozens of suites and sofas per week, most of which are one offs. We have almost daily container loads full of new suites, sofas and beds.

To add all fresh stock to the website (and remove sold stock) is a very large and time consuming task. Prices also regularly fluctuate in the furniture business. We would rather focus our efforts elsewhere such as ensuring fantastic customer service and our cleaning and repairing services.

All our furniture in the warehouse is priced up with price cards, please note these are price guides as we are open to sensible offers, which means you can get a better deal.

Lastly, our web designer Chris only comes once a week, we would prefer him to use his time making sure our website is user friendly, upto date and prominently visible in the search engines than spending hours and hours changing prices.

Most importantly our website is a visual representation of the services we provide and is meant to provide you with information regarding our services and how to contact us and find our furniture warehouse here in Bolton.

Hope that helps to answer your question and don`t worry about the prices, we will work within your budget.