Watch out for Internet Scammers

Recently we wrote about one of our customers whom had been ripped off buying furniture of the Internet (  )

Well it appears it was not an isolated case, in the last couple of months alone we`ve had a few customers who have purchased a new sofa or suite they found on the Internet thinking they are getting a bargain only to find the quality is sub-standard and that the sofa / chairs started to rip, fade or peel after a month or so.

The pictures may look great on the Internet, they always do. But the fact of the matter is the quality is very poor, so you may think your getting a bargain but really your only setting yourself up to part with even more of your hard earned money after the sofas literally fall apart after 2 – 3 months.

fake leather sofa















Places your likely to be ripped off from are Ebay sofa listings, Gumtree advertisement etc.

So Beware, don`t fall for it! And remember, here at Alec`s 3 piece suites everything is in stock ready for you to try out, to sit on and feel the quality.