Upholstery Care & Maintenance

  • Upholstery should be regularly vacuum-cleaned using a soft brush.
  • Regularly brush with a clothes type brush to remove surface dirt and dust and maintain the appearance of the fabric.
  • Light stains should be removed immediately USING WATER ONLY. DO NOT RUB THE FABRIC. Gently wipe it with an absorbent clean cloth. Work from the outside of the stain to prevent spreading. Proprietary upholstery shampoos may be used but only after checking on a small part of hidden fabric that colour loss doesn’t occur.
  • Back & seat cushions should be ‘plumped’ up and turned daily to even out the fabric wear, whilst fibre back cushions should be removed from their outer covers weekly and vigorously kneaded, teasing apart any fibres that will have inevitably become matted together.
  • Care should be taken that the furniture is not exposed to direct or strong sunlight which will accelerate fabric fading, either protect by drawing the curtains to prevent exposure or move around the furniture regularly to even out the exposure.
  • Prevent children or animals from climbing or jumping on the furniture. Sharp buckles, claws, toys etc. can easily snag and produce tears and cuts in the fabric. Premature wear if not frame failure may also result from people sitting on or applying unnecessary pressure to arms, edges of cushions etc.
  • Apart from light stain removal, deep stains should only be cleaned by professionals using Steam Extraction equipment.
  • Fabrics that have a pile, such as chenille and boucle may shade, show pressure marks and flatten.
  • Creases may form in seat and back cushions where fillings flex. These are natural characteristics of the material not faults.
  • This short guide is intended to assist in the initial purchase of your upholstery and in ensuring that you derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction from its use thereafter.
  • Please take the utmost care of your upholstery and note that the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for actions taken which do not conform to our guidelines, nor from defects resulting from misuse or abuse of  furniture.

We hope that helps to keep your furniture / sofa in pristine condition.

Kind Regards,