On a very tight budget? We stock lots of affordable sofas

If you need a quality sofa or 3 piece suites and are on a very tight budget, come speak with us. We stock lots of affordable options. Speak with a member of our staff, let them know that you’re on a tight budget. We will do our upmost best to assist you with finding a sofa you’ll love within your budget. Don’t feel ashamed, many families are on very tight finances and struggle to obtain finance for monthly payments.

From us you have the option of a second-hand sofa or one from our budget friendly collections. In some cases, if we have had a sofa that has been sticking around for some time, we could let it go at cost price to allow us to free up the space for another sofa or suite.

We have dozens of second-hand refurbished sofas in stock, some of our customers occasionally part-exchange their current suite against a new one. Occasionally some of our customers part-exchange their existing sofa against a new sofa. With their old sofas we take them into our workshop to be expertly cleaned (inside and out) by our professional upholstery and sofa cleaners. Once they have been refurbished, we put them up for sale as second hand sofas and suites. We price them between around £100 – £300 making them affordable.

We welcome part-exchanges, providing the sofas are in reasonable resalable condition. You can save a up to a couple of hundred pounds of our marked-up prices by part-exchanging your existing suite/sofa against a new one.

And for payment you don’t have to pay all upfront, you can leave a deposit and pay the remainder of the balance on delivery. We can hold the sofa in our warehouse for up to 4 weeks whilst you plan to pay the remainder of the balance. You could even pop in to our furniture warehouse each week to pay off parts of the balance and once it is fully paid up our delivery lads will deliver it hassle free to your home.

Remember, let us know your budget and what kind of leather sofa (or suite) you have in mind. We are flexible on pricing, what you see marked up on the price cards can come down. We’re open to sensible offers on all leather sofas. We will work around you and make sure you get the very best value for your money.

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