Let down by a high-street sofa chain store?

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Have you been let down by one of the high-street sofa chain stores who where quick enough to take your money and said that your sofa would be with you within a couple of weeks. Yet months down the line you’ve still not had it delivered? That’s a story we hear from some of our customers on an almost daily basis.

Did you know one of the main reasons you have to wait so long is that the salespeople/ chain store must fill quotas before they can send the order through to the manufacturers? Yep, in most cases that is how they operate. The manufacturers can only be profitable if they manufacture sofas, chairs and suites in bulk. They would go out of business pretty quick if they made to order.

So there you have it, that is why it can take so long for the high-street chain stores to deliver your newly ordered sofa set. In fairness to them it does make sense. Although, overzealous commission hungry salespeople will not tell you that and if you order and pay for a sofa that is not a popular seller that is when delays and problems start to occur. The quota must be met before the bulk order is sent through to the manufacturers.

Guess what? Here at Alec’s 3 Piece Suites, everything we have in stock is ready for same-day delivery. No faffing around waiting 10 weeks for delivery. We buy up cancelled orders, ex-display, returns, slight seconds and brand new. What you see in our furniture warehouse (over 30,000sq ft) is what you get delivered to your home or business premises.

If you have been let down at one of the big chain stores, you are well within your rights to cancel the order and request a full refund. Then come see us, we won’t mess you around. We’re an independent sofa company providing traditional quality customer service.

We hope to see you soon, thank you for reading and enjoy rest of your day.