Fabb Sofas went Bust – Liquidated Stock

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You may have heard on the news that furniture retailer Fabb Sofas went into administration in the Summer. It is very unfortunate for the staff who worked for the chain, many redundancies were made.

The administrators were called in to handle any of the remaining assets. Fabb Sofas has hundreds of sofas and suites in their warehouses and showrooms. Alec recently paid a visit to one of the warehouses and ended up buying dozens of their liquidated stock.

He bought dozens of fabric and leather sofas and suites. All of them are either brand new or ex-display models. Typical prices of those sofas and suites back when Fabb Sofas was still trading where around £2000 – £3000. We’re selling them around half the price.

Pop over to Bolton so that you can try them all out. They will sell fast so you best be quick about it too. Remember our motto- everything is in stock for you to try it, buy it and have in your home the very same day.