Do not buy suites or sofas from the Internet

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We see all too often here at Alec’s, customers coming in upset after buying suites or sofas off the Internet that have fell to pieces in a matter of months.

Just think a little, would you buy a car off the Internet without test driving it? You would’nt. It’s just the same with buying a suite.

Take a look at these images below of a corner group purchased online, this is what one of our customers purchased online for around ¬£500. Just look at that cheap and nasty webbing, that’s not going to support your weight for very long.

P1170422 P1170423


You have been warned.

Sure there are good quality online venders and websites selling very good quality, you can usually establish them very quickly with the hefty price tags they display.

However there are dozens probably hundred of websites selling cheap and nasty suites, sofas and corner units. Almost all of which are Eastern European and Chinese imports they also find sellers on website such as Ebay and Gumtree with only mobile phone as point of contact if anything was to go wrong.

Cheap suites and sofas will look and feel great at first, 2 or 3 months down the line you’ll start noticing things like the comfort is going, your backside sinking too deep in the seat, rips, fading and cracks. Around 6 months in you’ll want rid of them. Believe us, we see it happening week in, week out..

Do you think the seller will refund, fix or replace the sofa or chair? We very much doubt it, you will probably find very difficult just to get in touch with them.


What to look out for:

  • Gumtree listings with only a mobile phone number
  • Ebay listings that seem to go to be true
  • Websites that have been around for a few weeks (tip; check the WHOIS registration)
  • Faux leather suites (Will not last)


What you should do:

  • Come and see us, we’ve been trading for over 30 years and sold thousands of suites and sofas
  • All staff have many years experience
  • Unbeatable value prices
  • All very good quality, we do not sell crap as we know it will not last
  • Same day delivery to anywhere in the North West
  • Vast range to choose from (100’s in stock)
  • Sit on it, feel it, buy it


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