Autumn/Winter Sofa Sale

Our come and make us an offer sale is back on. You can save some serious cash on your next sofa (or suite) purchase. How does it work we here you thinking? It’s simple, the price that on the price card on your desired sofa. Make us an offer on it? It’s that simple. Have a bit of fun haggling with Alec’s he won’t refuse any serious offer as we need to make space for our next sofa delivery. You’ll see what we mean when you visit us in Bolton. The place is packed to the rafters with sofas, suites, corner groups, chairs, beds and mattresses.

For example, if a full top-quality leather 3 and 2 seater is marked up around £1400, offer him £1300. That’s a quick £100 straight off the price and that probably 50% lower than the high-street RRP in the first place. Haggle him down, see what you can get him down too? Believe us, none of the high-street chain stores such as DFS, Sofology, Furniture Village will do that. They’ve rather tie you in to a long-term credit agreement.

As mentioned, a little earlier, the reason we can offer this is simple, we need the space for the next delivery of sofas. Alec gets a little giddy sometimes when he’s sourcing new stock. Meaning our sofa warehouse gets a little overcrowded.

We have hundreds of sofas for sale. Roughly at any one point we have around 500 suites, sofas and corner groups in stock. By our own reckoning (and word of mouth from our customers) we are the largest independent sofa retailer in the North. No other business comes close when it comes to choice and the vast selection for you to browse and buy.

Whilst we have you, did you read our last blog article on buying sofas on the internet? It is simple reminder that buying sofas direct from a website without seeing them. Basically, expectations not met. Have a read, it might open your eyes. read here:

Thank-you for reading, we hope to see you soon. Haggle with Alec, see how much money you can save. Take the family out for a lovely slap up meal with the savings you can have.