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Harrison Spinks are one the absolute best brands when it comes to mattresses and beds. Luxurious comfort and 5-star quality. We stock and sell clearance and slight-seconds Harrison Spinks mattresses at around a 3rd of the price that you would expect to pay new.

Harrison Spinks mattresses
Harrison Spinks mattress
Harrison Spinks
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Clearance & slight seconds Harrison Spinks Mattresses

Clearance basically means they have been sat in a warehouse too long, the plastic coverings have come loose, and dust has settled on the mattress. They cannot be sold as brand new with dust on the mattress. When we sell them on to the public, we ensure that the mattresses are fully cleaned and repacked by our own in-house professional upholstery cleaners.

Slight Seconds means there is a slight tear or scuff marks on the mattress. They also cannot be sold as new. We sell them on as slight seconds and again our professionally trained upholsters sew up any tears and clean off any stuff marks.

Ex-display means that the mattresses have been used for demonstration purposes in bed showrooms, exhibitions and conventions. Again, our team give them thorough checks and fully clean any dirt, scuffs, etc.

Save big – you can save hundreds of pounds off the high-street showroom RRP buying a Harrison Spinks mattress from Alec's. Please note we do not sell online; everything is in our 30'000sq-ft furniture showroom in Bolton. We deliver throughout the North West; you can also collect the mattresses if you have a van. Prices from £150 for a single mattresses upto £600 for a king/queen size.